The adoption program began in 1985. Ensuring stability and security in a family environment for children who may not be raised in their family of origin is the mission of the program.

We offer a full range of services to prospective adoptive and birth families in 16 counties within central and western Pennsylvania.

Services include:

  • Birth parent counseling
  • Classes
  • Preparation of Family Profile/Home Study (Private, International and SWAN)
  • Family Profile Updates
  • International placement help coalogo_hague-accred
  • Post-Placement Supervision
  • Report of Intermediary
  • Court appearances as required
  • Post-Adoption Supervision
  • Voluntary Post Adoption Contact Agreements
  • Search for birth parent(s) and birth child(ren)

SWAN (Statewide Adoption and Permanency  Network) SERVICESswan-logo

  • Child Profiles
  • SWAN Orientation
  • Family Profiles/Home Study
  • Child Preparation (preparing children for their future)
  • Matching Services (networking with other agencies)
  • Child Specific Recruitment (networking to find a specific child an adoptive home or family contacts)
  • Finalization
  • Post-Permanency Services (case advocacy, respite, support group).


A family who chose adoption.

A family who chose adoption.


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Children’s Aid Society
Adoption Program
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Phone: (814) 765-2686
Fax: (814) 765-6530