Children’s Aid Society has adoptive families waiting to be matched with a child.

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Kellie and Rob are waiting to adopt a child.



Meet Rob and Kellie.

Rob and Kellie are a nurturing, energetic, reflective, content couple. Their relationship is stable and long-term. They embrace the values of family, education, relationships, and tolerance for those who are different from themselves.

Rob and Kellie wish to adopt one child. They will consider a child with minor special needs, including developmental delays, such as mild language, social, physical or cognitive delays; mild behavior or emotional issues, such as hyperactivity and attention deficits; mild physical impairments such as heart murmur and minor learning issues. The couple is open to adopting a Caucasian or Latino child. They would prefer to adopt a young child. They are willing to adopt a newborn, and will consider a child up to 3 years old. Rob and Kellie have two children, a boy and a girl, both of whom are very excited to welcome another sibling into the family!

They are learning so much from their parenting experience. They have experience with the adoption process. Both Rob and Kellie have always had the desire to adopt a child. They believe that all children deserve love, comfort and safety, and they want to provide those things to another child.

Kellie said,“Without question, adoption is our choice as there are many children out there who need a loving home and a better life.”

Kellie is a marketing specialist. Her company is family-oriented and cares about its employees and their families by offering the flexibility of balancing work and parenting. Kellie is an active person, and she has a strong interest in sports and exercise. She is involved in the children’s activities and loves spending time with family. She enjoys theme parks, vacations, visiting the beach, swimming and golf. Kellie is community-minded and is passionate about projects and activities that promote the growth and betterment of her community.

Rob serves as Chief Executive Officer of the county economic development corporation. His activities and hobbies include coaching youth athletic programs, such as soccer, T-ball, and Little League baseball. He enjoys golf, running and outdoor recreation, such as kayaking. Like his wife, he enjoys being active in the community. In addition to coaching youth sports, he is also on the board of directors of the local YMCA, where he serves as treasurer. He participates on numerous other boards and committees in the community, as well.

Rob and Kellie are looking forward to spending time with their child in the outdoors, doing activities such as playing outside, sports and vacations. They will be there to support their child in each and every activity, as they are with their two children. They are excited to introduce the child to sports, music, and travel. On a smaller scale, they look forward to doing more everyday things with their child, such as going to parks, playgrounds, playing with toys, reading together, and other fun and nurturing activities that will help their child learn, grow and develop. They are open and loving with their children, showing affection and telling them often, “I love you.”  They look forward to being able to show another child that same kind of love and comfort.

The neighborhood

Rob and Kellie live in a lovely Tudor-style house, located in a quiet, tree-lined residential neighborhood in central Pennsylvania. The neighborhood is peaceful and is a perfect setting for raising a family. It is a family-oriented neighborhood, with parents and families residing in neighboring homes.

The town offers a hospital, a full range of medical and mental health services, fire and police services, and ambulance services. The community offers a wide variety of educational, entertainment and cultural activities and is a blend of many cultures and nationalities.

Rob and Kellie’s references speak positively of the their pursuit of adoption. The family has the support of friends and family, who can assist the family as needed. Rob and Kellie are aware of the resources available in their community and know how to access these to support an adoptive child.

If you would like additional information about this family, please contact Shannon Kelly at 814-765-2686 x221 or e-mail