Beginning the adoptive parents process:

To begin your adoption process as adoptive parents, we will provide you with an application and information on completing your home study. Once we have received the completed application with the non-refundable application fee, we will provide you with a home study packet. This packet will include all of the documents needed to complete your home study as well as important adoption related information and resources that you can reference during the different stages of the adoption process.

After the home study is written and accepted, we begin searching and networking with other agencies to find a child whose needs match your capabilities to parent.

How Long Does It Take To Adopt A Child?

Once the family profile has been completed, the length of time to be matched with a child can vary considerably, depending on several factors such as availability of children and the family’s requirements.

A major focus is to match prospective adoptive parent(s) with children who have been designated as having “special needs.” These are children who have been in the foster care system, who may be age five and older, a member of a sibling group, a member of a minority group, or have physical, mental or emotional issues. The search for children starts with Pennsylvania children and may extend to other states as well.

Services Include:

  • SWAN (Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network) orientation
  • Adoption classes
  • Preparation of Family Profile/Home Study
  • Family Profile Updates
  • Networking with placement agencies
  • Post-Placement Supervision
  • Report of Intermediary
  • Court appearances as required
  • International placement help
  • Matching Services
  • Post-Permanency Services

Children’s Aid Society provides adoption services to families interested in either domestic or international adoption. We can provide home study services and post-adoption services for families adopting internationally. Children’s Aid Society will work in cooperation with the placing agency the family has selected. Families may select to work with a placing agency anywhere in the United States, but will need to select a local agency, such as Children’s Aid Society, to complete the home study services.


If you would like to start the adoption process,  please complete an Adoptive Parent Application and mail to:

Children’s Aid Society
Adoption Program
1008 South 2nd Street
Clearfield, PA 16830


To download our Adoptive Parent Application:Click Here

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