Birth Parent Counseling

Adoption is an option for individuals who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Consequently, Children’s Aid Society assists birth parents through the process. In addition, we offer counseling along the way. We believe that birth parents have the right to make decisions for themselves as well as their children.

Birth parents have options regarding the type of adoption they choose for their child.

Children’s Aid Society encourages birth parents to select the type of family they desire for their child. Their preferences for the adopting family’s geographic location, religious affiliation and lifestyle are most important. Overall, we respect the wishes of the birth parents and the adopting family concerning the degree of openness with the adoption.

Call us at (814) 765-2686, and we will assist you through the process. We average 5 – 10 prospective adoptive families on our waiting list. We will help the birth parent, hospital, physician or agency to find a suitable match.