Foster Care

Our Foster Care Program provides nurturing, supportive foster families for children who are in need of temporary care until they are reunified with their biological families or become available for adoption. Our Foster Care Program identifies and recruits prospective foster families, assists families through the approval process, facilitates and supervises placements, provides ongoing training, and works with county children and youth agencies to ensure children and families are receiving the services they need.

Program Goals and Objectives

Foster care provides substitute family life experience for a child at a time of crisis or need. It is temporary care. Foster families provide parental care and supervision. They work with agency staff to achieve permanence for the child.

While foster care is not a lifetime commitment, it is meaningful to a child during his/her time of need. Therefore, we provide stable foster care homes to children who may be available for adoption.

In addition, we provide temporary care for an identified child who is not yet legally free, within the identified adoptive parent’s home in order to facilitate adoption should that become a possibility. As a result, the family must cooperate with reunification and/or visitation as required by the agency with legal custody. Consequently, we offer counseling and other services to foster parents and the child.

Children’s Aid Society identifies prospective adoptive families who are interested in foster children who are may become available for adoption.

We strive to ensure that no child is denied consideration for foster care for any reason. Most of all, we aim to minimize the number of moves a child has to make within the system.


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