Will I be expected to tell a bunch of strangers all about my family?
No. This isn’t counseling or therapy. It’s  education. You share at your own comfort level and your confidentiality is important and well protected.
Who can benefit from the program?
The program can benefit parents with children of any age and includes single parent families, expecting parents, two parent families, stepfamilies, and grandparents raising grandchildren. The program for parents of teens is geared toward families that include kids aged 11-19.
What if I can’t make it to the classes?
That’s OK! We can come to you! You can schedule in-home presentations.
Aren’t parenting classes just for “bad” parents?
No. Parenting is tough. We all need a little help once in a while. It’s a relief to know that you’re not alone in the struggle!
Evenings are already hectic. After dinner and homework, where will I find the time for a class?
We’ve got you covered. Classes feature a free dinner and child care, so you’re able to relax and enjoy the
How far will I have to travel?
There’s always a class at our offices in Clearfield and the other locations alternate with each series. We offer Sheetz gas cards to ease the burden of paying for gas.
Who teaches the classes?
The classes are led by professionals who have been trained specifically for this program.