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Contact Us

Our Administration office is at :
1008 South Second Street, Clearfield PA 16830
Telephone: (814) 765-2686 or (814) 371-3668
Fax: (814) 765-6530




Bonnie Floro, Executive Director
Teresa Guaglianone, Assistant Director
Jim Mattern, Fiscal Manager
Liza Miller, Recruitment Specialist
Jessica Kling, Office Manager


Program Staff:


Adoption & Foster Care Services

Jodi Morelli, Adoption Services Manager
Debra Wingard, Adoption Administrative Assistant
Tara Haversack, Hague Adoption Supervisor
Paul Bojalad, Adoption Case Manager
Charity Selvage, Adoption Case Manager
Jennifer Teats, Adoption Case Manager



Big Brothers Big Sisters of Clearfield County

Kaitlin Ireland, Big Brothers Big Sisters Case Manager/Fundraiser


Child Care & Early Learning Services

Tara Lansberry, Child Care Director


Pre-K Counts

Debbie Haight, Pre-K Counts Teacher
Rhonda Carfley, Pre-K Counts Classroom Aide
Monica Smeal, Pre-K Counts Administrative Assistant


Family Support Services

Stefanie Richtscheit
Family Support Services Manager


Relatives as Parents Program

Charity Selvage, Case Manager


Real Relationships

Shannon Kelly, Real Relationships Project Manager
Brittany Blackburn, Real Relationships Case Manager
Autumn Burke-Dempsey, Real Relationships Case Manager

Amanda Clark, Real Relationships Case Manager
Lynda Saggese, Real Relationships Case Manager


We employ approximately 20-40 additional staff in our Child Care program and seasonal part time staff in our Nurturing and Real Relationship programs.


Board of Directors


Children’s Aid Society Board of Directors in order of year that service began:

  • Ann Wood
  • Joyce Falger
  • Gigi Gearhart
  • Doris Manos
  • Lisa Soult
  • Maureen Gathagan
  • Carol Romanski
  • Kathy Bedger
  • Barbara Beish
  • Ruth Lytle
  • Donna Lykens
  • Sheila Smolko
  • Amy Finn

Upcoming Events

  • May 31, 2016 6:00 pmNurturing Parenting Program
  • June 1, 2016 6:00 pmNurturing Program for Parents of Teens
  • June 6, 2016 6:00 pmNurturing Program for Parents of Teens
  • June 8, 2016 6:00 pmNurturing Program for Parents of Teens
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