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Our administration office is located at 1008 South Second Street, Clearfield, PA 16830 (across from McDonalds).

Call: (814) 765-2686
Fax: (814) 765-6530


Executive Director Bonnie Floro Ext. 207
Assistant Director Teresa Guaglianone Ext. 205
Fiscal Manager Jim Mattern Ext. 206
Recruitment Specialist Liza Miller Ext. 202
Office Manager Jessica Kling Ext. 201

Program Staff:

Adoption & Foster Care Services

Adoption/Foster Care Manager Shannon Kelly Ext. 204
Adoption Administrative Assistant Krista Kolesar Ext. 232
Hague Adoption Supervisor Tara Haversack Ext. 215
Adoption Case Manager Charity Selvage Ext. 215
Adoption Case Manager Jennifer Teats Ext. 214
Adoption/Foster Case Manager Missy Sloppy Ext. 233
Adoption Case Manager Casey Clark Ext. 232
Foster Care Case Manager Jennifer Weaver Ext. 213
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Youth Mentoring Program

Youth Mentoring Program Manager Jenna Bell Ext. 209

Child Care & Early Learning Services

Child Care Director Tara Lansberry Ext. 217
Child Care Team Leader Janet Biss Ext. 218
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Pre-K Counts

Pre-K Teacher Adam Uncapher Ext. 224
Pre-K Classroom Aide Rhonda Carfley Ext. 224
Pre-K Administrative Assistant Monica Smeal Ext. 224
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Family Support Services

FSS Program Manager Christina Woodel Ext. 208
In-Home Services Case Manager Marsha Shimmel Ext. 244
General Inquiries


Relatives as Parents Program

RAPP Program Manager Christina Woodel Ext. 208
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Real Relationships

RR Project Manager Danielle Boyles Ext. 236
RR Case Manager Lynda Saggese Ext. 240
RR Case Manager Danielle McKnight Ext. 241
RR Case Manager Stefanie Richtscheit Ext. 242
RR Case Manager Alison Parks Ext. 243
General Inquiries


Triple P – Positive Parenting Program

Triple P Program Manager Christina Woodel Ext. 208
Triple P Case Manager Lisa Buchwitz Ext. 211
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