Nurturing Parenting

What is the Nurturing Parenting Program?

The Nurturing Parenting Program is designed to strengthen family relationships and improve communication among all family members. The entire family, not just the parents, will learn the skills needed to build a happier, healthier family life.

Mission of the Nurturing Parenting Program

The mission of the Nurturing Parenting Program is to strengthen families’ positive communications, interactions and functioning through education, role modeling and group process.

Being a parent can bring some of the greatest rewards in life. Seeing your baby smile, your toddler laugh or your child say “I love you” are moments of great pleasure and joy for parents.

However, being a parent is also full of challenges – temper tantrums, the changes of each age and stage of development, difficulties in school, and the dreaded teen years!

  • Do you sometimes feel like you need help to learn how to deal with the challenges of parenting?
  • Would you like to share information with other parents facing the same issues with their children?
  • Would you like guidance from trained professionals?