Community Based Mentoring

In the community-based mentoring program, adult volunteers provide special friendship and support. The program works because of caring volunteers who make time for a child who needs them. Children ages 7-17 years are accepted to the community-based program. We serve children from single-parent, dual-parent or grand-parenting families.

In our community-based program, a mentor gets to share activities they both enjoy: fishing, playing board games, baking cookies or going to ball games. Matches get to share these fun times at least two a month, on their own schedule.

Children’s Aid Society staff offers matches a variety of support. Staff talk with the mentor, mentee, and his or her parents once a month for a year. Then, every three months after the first year. During these contacts, staff help brainstorm ideas or solutions to challenges, keep communication open between all participants, and ensure the match is fun, safe and rewarding for everyone. Monthly match outings are offered such as picnics, game nights, trips to baseball games and local amusement parks.


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