Foster Family Approval Process

After we receive your completed application and confidential disclosure form, your case manager will contact you to schedule an in-person meeting at your convenience to learn more about the required documents and trainings, answer your questions, and complete an initial interview and a home safety check. Your case manager will be available to assist and support you throughout the approval process. The approval process can take between 30 to 90 days.

Required Documents

    • Proof of Identity:
      • Driver’s License
      • Birth Certificate
      • Social Security Card
    • Proof of Physical/Emotional Capability:
    • Proof of Income:
    • Vehicle Registration, Insurance, Inspection
    • Homeowner’s/Renter’s Insurance
    • Marriage License/Divorce Decree (if applicable)
    • Well Water Test (if applicable)
    • Pet Vaccinations (if applicable)


All clearances must be for the purpose of Foster Care or Adoption.