In-Home and Family Support Services

We provide Family Support and In-Home Services to eligible families and youth in Central Pennsylvania.

Recognizing that families and youth with varying goals, challenges, developmental levels and living arrangements will require differing support we provide a wide array of services depending on the assessed needs of each individual family.

Through case planning with the family and referral agency staff we will provide short-term, time limited and family focused services designed to teach the necessary skills identified in the assessment. All approaches are strengths-based, addressing challenges, stabilizing families and enhancing family functioning to assist the family to remain intact.

Services may include but are not limited to:

  • Healthy Parenting and Discipline Instruction and Supervision
  • Communication and Relationship Skill Development
  • Home Management Skills: food preparation, nutrition, laundry, consumer/shopping skills, housekeeping instruction, assistance and chore routine planning.
  • Housing/Physical Home Needs: educate and assist family members in understanding practical housing issues, and aid in locating and securing safe and adequate housing. This may include: referral to public or subsidized housing; interview preparation; application assistance; and use of local realtors; rent utilities, assistance with securing furniture/appliance and other home furnishing needs.
  • Networking with Community Resources
  • Budgeting/Money Management
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Visit Supervision: oversee and ensure safety of children and provide an opportunity for mentoring and modeling.
  • Health Care Assistance: supervision of appointments, access of needed prevention services for medical, dental and mental health issues; instruction on maintaining good health and how to access various services.
  • Transportation: providing needed transportation while assisting with securing future transportation needs.
  • Older Youth Intervention: promotion of school attendance and attachment, positive decision-making; self-esteem; conflict resolution/problem-solving; impulse control/anger management; family and peer interactions; communication skills; stress management and cultural competence.
  • Employment Services: support family members in all aspects of finding and maintaining employment as appropriate for their situation. This may include practice interviews; job application/search assistance; application to the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation; referral to the Commonwealth Work Development System; and employment follow-up activities.
  • Reunification support

Our service provision includes: immediate response within 24 business hours of referral, accessibility of staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and small caseloads. Service delivery occurs in the family’s home and community and is focused on teaching skills and providing intensive support  with the goal of keeping the family intact or reunifying when appropriate